10 Trends in Hotel: Claus Sendlinger’s Top Tips

01 Holistic health &. wealth care

‘The retirement home model is on the way out. We will grow old on a hippy beach- but knowing that there are doctors there in the background.’

02 New ownership in real estate

‘I believe in the future we’ll own a flat in the city, and one at the beach, and one in the mountains, and in each of them we will have our ‘own’ physiotherapist available and so on, to help us stay healthy.’

03 Sustainability, eco buildings, corporate social responsibility

‘Look at Matteo Thun’s Vigilius mountain resort-it’s environmentally sustainable, and the architecture is in perfect harmony with nature.’

04 Online experience

‘Especially on hotel websites, you have to create a holistic mix of experiences and services. If you look at our new oesignHotels.com, we combine cool film-clips with hotel references and specific city recommendations with interesting packages.

05 Seamless travel

‘Perhaps you’ll have a lifestyle concierge. Maybe in the future there’ll be no need to pack a suitcase. Maybe everything is already there.’

05 New models: privacy, villas,club suites, all-inclusive

‘People want the services of a hotel, but the feeling of being in a villa. The idea of separation is important.’

07 Alternative experiences

‘Hotels have to offer far more than a bed and a bar. They have to be able to manage the experiences of their guests. It’s not just about sending them to a gallery, it’s about showing them around as well.’

08 New food and beverage concepts

‘Do you really have to import lettuce from the other end of the world? The focus on local and regional products will increase, along with a rediscovery of culinary heritage.’

09 New ways of meeting

‘Why does a conference room always have to be so ugly?’

10 User-friendly interfaces, simplicity

‘I was just in Oman, and there were several remote controls, with a total of 127 buttons. It’s fine to have lots of technology, but let’s have Just one interface.’


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