OFF THE PAGE,The Nation, February 27, 2004

FHM Sporting a sexy bathing suit and boxing gloves, Halle Berry is the cover girl for the Thai edition of FHM for men.

Asked how she felt to be portrayed as a boxer, Berry replies that her photo shoot in a boxing ring pumped up her adrenaline.

Readers are urged to vote for the magazine’s “Girl Next Door 2004”.

It’ll be hard though: 20 lovely candidates offer a dizzying choice.

An interview with comedian Mum Jokmok over his newfound talent as a director is very interesting.

He says he turned to directing mainly because of his age.

“I still want perform in cafes.

” “But that’s something for when you’re young.

Because you finish your show at 2am and then you have to wait until 4 o’clock to settle payment.

“I just can’t cope anymore with the late hours of work.

” And don’t miss “Ladies’ Confession” – particularly “Self Loss” which will keep you laughing over a man’s incredibly lacklustre performance.

Image Although Image usually attracts readers with its sexually provocative covers, this edition is so explicit that you could mistake it for a porno magazine.

But the inside content is more than meets the eye.

Start with “Being The First”, an article about 10 creative art concepts from people of different professions.

Among them are noted artist Noppadol Khaosam-ang and minimalist architect Duangrit Bunnag.

Then read the rags-to-riches story of Saichol Paeyanoy, owner of the multi-million-baht Ban Rei Coffee chain.

If you’ve been dismayed by his outspoken and aggressive style, this interview might change your view of the real man.

Recalling his poverty-stricken childhood, Saichol says that he comes from a family which “represents the ordinary poor from across the country”.

For fans of Tata Young, there is also an exclusive interview with the singer.

Read about her future plans and her experience of living independently.

Ploy Khaem Phet Readers are in for a variety of interesting stories, fiction and articles in this issue of Ploy Khaem Phet magazine from the will of the late artist Andy Warhol to a view of Thai history during the reign of King Rama III as seen through the eyes of American missionary Dan Beach Bradley.

Inside you’ll also find brief interviews with celebs about their families.

ML Sarali Kitiyakara Jirathiwat, daughter-in-law of business mogul Sutthikiat Jirathiwat, says that while she might be busy with her own entertainment firm, she devotes the rest of her time to her twin boys.

Another good read is an article about Sennelier, a well-known art supplies shop in Paris, located near the Ecole des Beau Arts.

Many artists have frequented this shop since it opened 120 years ago.

Then if you want to know more about a controversial painting by Picasso, read an interview with the beleaguered owner, Sittha Thianukrit.

Hair Promoting itself as the first magazine of its kind to feature specific content, the Thai edition of Hair recently arrived on the racks in a grand burst of publicity.

As in England, where the magazine has remained a best seller for more than two decades, the local edition caters specifically to beauty conscious readers.

You’ll find a series of articles that will guide you to “beautify your overall body – from head to toe”.

With pop diva Britney Spears gracing the cover, the magazines features almost 300 styles of the world’s trendiest hair designs.

Readers will also find a range of the latest beauty products and numerous tips on how to stay chic and glamorous.

And to those who still maintain that they want to age gracefully, editor Rathaya Thongkhongyao has a special message.

“It’s a pity that many have neglected [to take care themselves] just because they don’t want to be branded as a brainless beauty.

Frankly, naturally ‘battered’ beauty looks dull – not fresh at all.

” We’d better listen to her awakening call! Ban Lae Suan As much as your life, your house should be colourful.

Adding colour to your house is the main theme of this edition of Ban Lae Suan.

Articles provide you with much information about choosing the right colours for the right places.

And for the adventurous, the magazine also offers plenty of do-it-yourself tips.

A quick teaser is to keep the harmony of colours and decorative items in each room.

“Thai design” introduces you to knick-knacks made from rice husks.

See how this stuff – usually discarded – can be turned into the most sought-after objects.

Don’t miss the interview with Khunying Songsuda Yodmanee about her latest housing project.

Another delightful read is about innovative housing project in Chiang Mai: “The Land”.

The project is the brainchild of two conceptual artists, Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Kritrit Tiravanich.

By Duangporn Bodart


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